About Us

Dating back to 2005 when Exquisite Furnitures” revolutionized the industry of home and interior décor in South Asia – Hub of solid wood furniture. We exist to aim the top-quality wooden home furniture, office furniture and décor focusing more on hand crafted furniture reflecting the fusion with creative and contemporary designs.

Since then became a famous brand in South Asia – region of hand-crafted furniture. Later, we diversified to most countries of the world (USA, Australia and Europe) when our unique products were increasingly appreciated by other regions. Now Exquisite Furnitures is one of the top International brands which offers the largest selection of premium quality solid wood furniture, and true customer service. We strive on not just building a customer data base, but to build customer loyalty.

 We have come a long way since and are just getting started.

Vision & Objectives

Our identification is based on two important elements which are “Quality and Comfort”. We create Value for our customers through Reliability and Flexibility. We want our customers to experience the warmth and comfort through Respect and Trust.

The definition of success in our view is to develop the everlasting relationship with customers and ensure to receive best reviews from our buyers. We are constantly looking to do things in a creative and innovative way by introducing new designs and reshaping things to ensure quality product in the market.

When it comes to Elegance and Durability, “Exquisite Furnitures” is the right place. Following are the values which we implement to achieve our aims:

Two-way creation

The method “Two-way Creation” elaborates the concept, where the customer places an order according to his desires such as preferred wood types, color combinations and sizes. We take our orders on customer’s demand as we do not believe on ready to go products. We provide an opportunity to the customer to use their innovative designs for their homes take potential parts to explore their superficial taste and art.

At this stage, our designs are created by our professional designers, but the creation is finalized by the approval of ultimate users.

Shop with us – and make a difference

Shopping with us will provide you the guarantee of having best quality, durability, reliability, and sustainability of our product. Secondly, the promise we give you for par excellency of designs which entirely changes your standard of living and will get everyone’s attention.

Raw materials:

We always use premium quality Exquisite Style Handcrafted hardwood (Solid Timber) furniture in making of all our frames and structural sections. Following are the various varieties of woods that we work on:

– Cedar
– Pine
– Walnut
– Beech wood
– Dalbergia Sisso etc.

Substantial variety and majority of our products are made up of maximum solid woods which differentiates us from other brands and makes us less competitive and different. We ensure that all our wood comes from more sustainable sources and we do not trade in those woods which provides harm to natural forestry (forbidden/disallowed by state). Fabric which we gather from various countries have soft and soothing feel. We have fabric of almost every material that is cotton, polyester, silk, nylon and viscose etc. We use best quality upholstery material to make our final finished product that is supreme quality fabric, fixture and fittings and guaranteed foam.

Knowing this, we have been working super hard to ensure that we are doing the best we can to ensure we’re minimizing our footprint.

Health & Safety and Security measures:

We ensure that manufacturing policies and procedures are in best practice and we adhere all health & safety measures to avoid any damage to our workers and laborers. We strictly follow occupational Health & safety laws according to local state and Territory requirements. We believe that every individual deserves the right to be treated fairly and equally that’s why  create a friendly and healthy environment to our workers with all security measures and maximum facilities to our workers in order to create a positive social and impact and healthy working environment.

Product Guarantee:

We tend to ensure that all the state & territory environmental legislation is followed and ensure that not to perform any activity which can cause damage to Marine life or atmosphere and furthermore, work in human friendly environment. The details on guarantee are described as below:

  • 5-year guarantee on structures (wood Part) is proudly given to all Exquisite Furnitures (make to order) customers on all in-house manufactured products from the date of purchase. However, this excludes damage caused by accident, misuse or any negligence by customer, normal wear and tear and does not extend to fabrics.

This guarantee applies to original purchaser (non-transferable) and from our official Exquisite retailers only.

For further queries, please contact our support team for assistance.

Carving and Assembling

Product is designed and carved by skilled workers on solid wood and assembled by experts to make beautiful and strong structure, which is the priority to make quality products and maximize the product lifecycle.

Coloring and polishishing

Once the product’s structure is ready, it is inspected by QC and sent for next stage for colorig and polishing. Exquisite’s products are always set to meet certain standards at this stage to sustain the credibilty on its customers.

Padding and fabrication

The next stage is again most important because it is the final look, how our products are ready to use for customers.
Best quality fixture & fittings and foams are used for padding and best quality fabrics are used to make our finished goods, which give so much comfort to our customers.

Packing and Delivery

Since we cover many regions it is important to pack the products in very careful firmed boxes/cages as care is always taken to deliver goods in original condition as these are delivered.